Following a difficult year with his now-ex wife Jennifer Garner—the couple announced their divorce in June, and shortly afterward rumors flew that Affleck had taken up with the couple's nanny—it's clear Ben Affleck needed something to cling to, and he chose the Batsuit. He reportedly wore the thing the entire time he re-wrote the script for the Batman movie he'll also direct and star in, and he borrowed the costume to dress up for an even more important occasion: his son Samuel's fourth birthday party. In an interview with Extra, Garner called it the "best dad moment ever."

The party was superhero themed, so "we all dressed up," she said. "I dressed up as a ninja and Ben dressed up as Batman for Sam." According to Garner, her son is "kind of is losing it" over the fact that his dad will play Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. "It's really sweet," she added.

Garner's praise comes less than a month after her revealing Vanity Fair article, in which she called Affleck the "love of her life" and asserted that the two would remain friends. "The main thing is the kids, and we're completely in line with what we hope for them," she said, which is easy to say when you've so clearly won the breakup