When Terminator Genisys came out last year the future of the Terminator franchise appeared bleak. The Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring film didn't do well at the box office and received terrible reviews across the board. The former governor of California didn't let that get him down, though. In September it was announced he would replace Donald Trump on NBC'S Celebrity Apprentice, and his amazing Snapchat has provided some unexpectedly great entertainment in between his film and TV appearances. Apparently the Terminator franchise won't go down without a fight: The Telegraph reports that Schwarzenegger claims there is a sixth Terminator film coming.

In an interview on Australia's Channel 9, Schwarzenegger was asked about the possibility of a sixth Terminator film to which he responded, "I am looking forward to it, absolutely." Although he didn't disclose any additional information on the matter, his expressed excitement is enough to get us pumped for his possible return. 

Another Terminator movie seemed unlikely after Paramount pulled the Genisys sequel from its release calendar a few months ago. Although Genisys only earned $89 million at the US box office, it did much better overseas, earning $350 million internationally. Paramount has yet to confirm the sequel that Schwarzenegger claims is happening, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see if Arnold was telling the truth when he said those famous words: I'll be back.