Arnold Schwarzenegger has served his time as an elected official, and a few years in politics was evidently quite enough for him, thank you very much. The Terminator star, who recently made a trip to Melbourne to promote his bodybuilding competition there, sat down for an interview with Australia's Weekend Sunrise co-host Angela Cox, but promptly got up again when Cox mentioned his Celebrity Apprentice predecessor. "I have to ask you, as a Republican, what do you think of Donald Trump at the moment?" Cox asked. The ex-governor did not take kindly to her line of questioning. "This is an interview that I only do about fitness and health, not about politics or my relationships," he said before standing up and walking off the set. 

Naturally Schwarzenegger's Australian publicist, Max Markson, defended his client's actions. "The journalist was allocated five minutes and we ran over time, so we cut the interview short," he told Fairfax Media. "I think she’s just trying to make a name for herself. She’s new on the show. Her line of questioning was inappropriate." Earlier in the interview Cox reportedly broached the topic of Schwarzenegger's failed marriage to Maria Shriver, to which he replied with a deft: "The important thing is that I continue on with my work, and health and fitness, and that’s what really counts for me."

Schwarzenegger hasn't exactly shied away from voicing his support for Republican candidates on other platforms. He recently spoke at a rally in Ohio for John Kasich, whom he later congratulated for his Ohio victory in a Snapchat video. (He's great at Snapchat.)

But Trump also claims a friendship with Schwarzenegger, which might mean an internal conflict is bubbling beneath the surface of the ex-governor's calm, well-muscled exterior. 

After all, they're roughly the same shade of bronze.