Today in the news of things that probably make Kanye West really uncomfortable, West's former girlfriend Amber Rose went on TV to say that she texts with West's wife Kim Kardashian "all the time."

ABC's nighttime news magazine Nightline spoke to Rose as part of a big-picture story on the nude selfie that launched a thousand beefs and the culture that brands women "sluts" for publicly embracing their sexuality. Rose, who already came to Kardashian's defense via Twitter to call out celebrity slut shamers for feeling some kind of way about the nude-yet-censored selfie that Kardashian posted late Monday night. 

"I thought she looked beautiful. I think she's a great mom and um, I'm gonna pick up for Kim. People think that me and Kim are arch enemies and we're not," Rose said in the interview. "We literally text each other all the time. We're very like positive towards each other. I'm a mom, I know how hard it is to like work out and try to get your body back, but at the same time embracing the fact that your body does change after you have a  baby."

Rose also said that people discount her and Kardashian because of their shared past as "sex workers."

"People feel like Kim is just famous because she had a asex tape, and I'm just a famous ex stripper. We're not able to be mothers and still be sexy, because we were ex-sex workers."

And before it was all over, she did address her "ongoing feud" with Kanye via Twitter.

He has slut shamed me on numerous occasions, and that's why I don't particularly care for him," Rose said. "It was very immature, and corny, and untrue. Because it's just so far fetched and just stupid that it just didn't really make sense. After he said he needed to take 30 showers after being with me, I want an apology for that."

The entire segment is only available on the ABC News website, and Rose's comments begin at 2:09 if you want to hear it from the woman herself. Rose has been popping up quite a bit on TV lately to speak anti-slut shaming and school people about consent. Last month she appeared on Tyrese and Rev. Run's OWN network talk show where she explained to the hosts that consent means she could be "laying down with a man, butt naked" and change her mind. "That means f---ing no, that's it," she said.