Yoshi, the dinosaur mascot of Nintendo's most famous franchise, has everything that the Mario Bros. ever needed in a sidekick.

He's got an insane appetite, an iron stomach, and the ability to breathe fire, fly, and cause earthquakes, depending on the Koopa shell's color. He also hatches out of his egg with a built-in saddle—it's hard to beat that kind of convenience. 

But apparently, after 30 years of being Mario's ride, Yoshi is tired of taking crap from the pudgy Italian plumber with the severe hallucinogenic mushroom habit. Dorkly has a new original video titled "If Mario and Yoshi Switched Places" that asks "who's player one now, Mario?"

Among the indignities that Mario has to suffer through when stepping into Yoshi's boots: going completely naked except for shoes, eating a giant cactus—with only his tongue, and falling down holes, over and over and over.

Oh and if you've ever wondered what's at the bottom of those mysterious pits in the Super Mario World levels, its more disturbing that you thought. 

According to the Nintendo Wikia, Mario has appeared in more than 200 games, the most recent being Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the 3DS. Yoshi has appeared in just under 60 games since his 1990 debut.