A Gumtree listing from earlier this month, posted as an image on reddit’s r/Australia by user Space_noodles, has bizarrely requested $1400 for all fourteen seasons of ‘90s police drama Blue Heelers. If you’re playing at home, that’s $100 a season for a bunch of DVDs that aren’t even in mint condition.

Gumtree user Jenny posits that it’s “very difficult to buy genuine Blue Heelers DVD's”, because clearly, there’s a whole lot of bootleggers out there focusing on the ever-growing ‘90s Aussie TV cop show market. The post also explains that the DVDs might be used, but they’re in “very good condition” – while many of us would give anything to hear that sweet country theme song blaring through our homes again, the price still seems a bit off.

Blue Heelers was a very successful show, having drawn in over 3.5 million viewers at its peak ratings period and running for 12 years. But what makes this all the more absurd is that most stockists sell individual seasons of the show for just under $60 each, meaning Jenny has given these used DVDs a near criminal mark-up. If this went down in Mount Thomas, you can guarantee that Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon would certainly have something to say about it.

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