Some football definitely happened on Sunday but, as noted by burgeoning animal expert Will Ferrell, the real Twitter-igniter was the latest episode of the hilarious comedy series Downton Abbey. Ferrell, who skipped the Super Bowl festivities to catch up on the Downton crew, stopped by Stephen Colbert's post-Bowl special to audition for the seemingly vacant role of resident Late Show animal aficionado.

"No, not really focused on that right now," Ferrell insists when pressed about his forthcoming role in the well-promoted documentary (?) Zoolander 2. "It's all about the animals. We've brought some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world [and] I'm very excited to share them with you and your audience." To prove his prowess, Ferrell then brings out this obviously-not-a-regular-cat rarity:


Sadly, Ferrell does a great job of donning his best only-mourns-Four-Pins-once safari outfit but fails to enlist the services of America's truest animal expert, Brian Fellow:

This highly coveted position should clearly go to Brian.

Sorry, Will.