What do you think is the most productive way to spend your free time? Could it be doing some chores around the house? Or would you rather go for a pleasant run? Maybe it’s just staying in bed for the whole day in your pajamas? Actually it’s none of those, if you’re going to make good use of a free day you should do what these adult delinquents/video games anarchists do and go for a round of ‘real-life’ Mario Kart.

To be fair, the guys at Base37 aren’t actually delinquents or anarchists – they usually film themselves performing base jumping activities – but we’re pretty sure they annoyed security at the Westfield in Shepard’s Bush with their video game-themed antics. But credit to the guys (and girl), we applaud them for going fully in with the costumes and a banana weapon (we see your sly moves Mario) to do their rendition of the Coconut Mall track from Mario Kart 7.

Obviously not everyone found it amusing watching a bunch of grown adults rampage through Westfield and even though they got away from security they still got pulled over by police towards the end of the video. Just goes to show you guys if you’re going to do some crazy s*** be prepared to face the consequences.