The song says "relax," but there is a lot of very unchill stuff going on in the latest trailer for Zoolander 2

Just for starters, we've got accidental stabbings, arm biting, poodle throwing,  and a screamy, terrifying makeout session between Will Ferrell's villainous Mugatu and a new character played by Kristen Wiig

There's also the first we've seen of cameos by A$AP Rocky and Skrillex. The former even raps a line dedicated to the film's main characters played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. "Hansel and Derek/I'm handsome, you jealous/I can tell it from facial expressions," Rocky raps in his few seconds of screen time. 

There's also a brief appearance by Justin Bieber, who has appeared in earlier trailers as well.

You can count on a lot more surprise cameos when this movie comes out; the original film is one of the great cameo movies of all time, featuring appearances by everyone from Donald Trump to David Bowie.

Zoolander 2 gets a wide release on Feb. 12.