The commercials—and Beyoncé—may be the best part of the Super Bowl. Even if you haven't faithfully watched the season, the funny, smart, and entertaining commercials bring fans and non-fans together. Here, we bring the Super Bowl 50's best pop culture commercials together in one place, so you can watch them over and over and over again.

Kevin Hart stalks his girlfriend's date for Honda Genesis

Kevin Hart brings the funny in a Honda Genesis commercial. "You're messing with the wrong daddy!" he said to his fictional daughter's date, after he terrorizes him. The miniature dad stalked them to the movies, an amusement park, and even flew over them in a helicopter. Talk about overprotective.


Monkey induces nightmares for Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew went for the creepy vibe with their Kickstarter commercial. An animated monkey is jumping on laps, singing a song, and licking faces. It's nightmare-inducing, to say the least. *shivers*


The Green Lantern channels Marilyn Monroe for Snickers

Marilyn Monroe's infamous grate shot comes to life in Snickers Super Bowl's commercial. Too bad it's Willem Dafoe, who isn't at all regal in a dress, playing Marilyn. Of course, once she eats a Snicker, the blonde bombshell emerges.


Taco Bell brings the big dogs to unveil the Quesalupa.

Taco Bell brought the big guns to the Super Bowl. James Harden and the Ancient Aliens dude are here to tell us that nothing's better than the Quesalupa. We'll have to eat it to find out.


The Jungle Book comes to life.

The live adaptation of the Jungle Book is here! The teaser is dope and really brings the classic Disney tale to life. Will the movie be offered in 3D? We hope so.


Oh, hi Jason Bourne. Welcome back.

Just when you thought it was over, Jason Bourne comes back...again. The newest trailer aired and doesn't seem any different than previous movies. Lots of action and not much acting. Cool.

Get Odelled with Buick.

Odell Beckham isn't playing in the Super Bowl, but he's still making his presence known. In a Buick commercial, Beckham crashes a wedding to show the guests just how cool the Buick convertible is.


Join the "Bud Light Party" with Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd

Bud Light capitalized on the political fatigue that sets in around the presidential primaries. After months of debates, fundraising emails, and campaign commercials, Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd invites us all to join the "Bud Light Party." Beer drinking is allowed, of course.


Steve Harvey pokes fun at himself for T-Mobile.

Everybody knows Steve Harvey flubbed the winner at the Miss Universe contest. T-Mobile sees that embarrassing moment as perfect fodder for a Super Bowl commercial. "I've done it again," the comedian says before explaining why everybody should switch to T-Mobile.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ready for round 2.

In another movie spot, TMNT let us know they're back and ready for action. The second movie will have the crime-fighting team tackling a new enemy.

Speed. Stealth. Precision. Watch the Turtles face a new rival in the #TMNT2 big game spot.

Posted by TMNT Movie on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ant Man steals the Hulk's Coca-Cola. What a terrible idea.

Marvel and Coca-Cola came together for a Super Bowl commercial ... and it's incredible. Ant Man steals a can from Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. A chase ensues when the green rage machine realizes his drink is gone. Finally, he catches up to Ant Man, who says, "Wow, so angry.” That's the understatement of the century. Ant Man gives Hulk back his can, and even opens it for the big fella. Of course, the ant-sized superhero has to get a sip in, so he sucks the soda out of the can opener. Perfect.

Ready to fight aliens? Cool.

Independence Day: Resurgence provided some explosion to the Super Bowl commercials. FYI: Will Smith isn't in the sequel.

Missy Elliott takes off in Amazon's first commercial.

In the oddest coupling ever, Amazon places Dan Marino, Alec Baldwin, and Missy Elliott in the same advertisement. Missy wins it all though by unveiling her new single, Pep Rally, during sports' biggest night.

Get ready for the apocalypse with the X-Men.

Apocalypse is the most invincible and powerful mutant. And he's coming to Earth. Get ready for mass destruction.


Helen Mirren keeps it real in a Budweiser commercial.

Actress Helen Mirren is all about the beer in a new Budweiser commercial. With as much elegance as she can muster, she tells people to go out and get some beers.