Sadly, it appears the world is still very much out to destroy Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) in the first teaser for the forthcoming third season of Silicon Valley. "I want to be CEO of Pied Piper," Hendricks announces confidently after getting confirmation from Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller) that he does indeed resemble a ventriloquist dummy. "This is my company. I worked my ass off to build this company."

In a Shakespearean move of acute misfortune, Richard then proceeds to sustain a pretty serious head injury while simultaneously realizing that regaining control of his company is probably going to be way harder than he imagined. As true Silicon Valley stans will recall, our guy got fired in season two when (super mild spoiler alert) Raviga nabbed a majority stake in Pied Piper.

The TV gods smiled down upon us all not once but twice on Thursday, as Aziz Ansari slyly revealed that his masterful Master of None would be returning to Netflix in 2017 for a well-earned second round of existential anguish. In fact, if you want to count James Franco's less-than-hopeless update on a possible Freaks and Geeks reunion as another god smile, then today's count for television victories stands at three.

Well done, universe.