Robert Durst, the subject of the HBO docuseries The Jinx, has pleaded guilty to gun charges in New Orleans. Durst pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the illegal possession of a .38-caliber revolver, the New York Times reports. The handgun was discovered by authorities in March of last year at a Marriott Hotel where Durst was staying under a fake name. As a convicted felon, Durst is not legally allowed to be in possession of such a weapon.

Durst will later be transferred to a facility in Los Angeles, where he is set to face charges of murdering Susan Berman. The death of Berman, a former friend and spokesperson for Durst, played a central role in HBO's groundbreaking series. "It's our purpose to 'clear the decks' of anything and everything that would delay [Durst]'s transfer to California so we can start preparing for trial in the Susan Berman case," attorney Richard DeGuerin tells the New York Daily News. "Bob Durst didn't kill Susan Berman and doesn't know who did, and he's eager to go to trial and prove it."

Investigators argue that Durst was actively attempting to flee to Cuba when he was found in New Orleans, a discovery that ended with Durst being arrested just as the final episode of The Jinx was set to air. Durst will be formally sentenced in April and currently faces 85 months in prison, a number reached as part of a plea agreement. A relocation to California is expected shortly after.