Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and councillor Angela Owen-Taylor declared the new Forest Lake Community Hall open for residents, but the townspeople aren’t 100% satisfied with the facility. 

Already facing controversy around the closure of a nearby dog park and speculation around changing a section of the Forest Lake suburb to ‘Heathwood’, the opening of the Community Hall was supposed to bring people together. But maybe not quite like this.

Perhaps intended as a metaphor for the council’s open-door policy, or transparency on even the most confidential issues, the women’s facilities are definitely not for the type to put their nose in a neighbour’s business. Quite literally, because the toilets have no doors. 

The Brisbane City Council opposition leader Milton Dick jumped on this golden opportunity for criticism.

“I certainly hope this hasn’t been a rush job on the eve of an election,” he said. “It’s a multimillion-dollar investment by council and we need to make sure this facility is meeting all our standard requirements.”

Now we can’t speak for everyone here, but it seems ‘doors’ would probably be considered a standard requirement by most people.