Few dogs have had more staying power than the hot dog, a fixture in American culture from Coney Island to Hollywood for millennia (or, at least, a very long time). If there were any dog to rival the hot dog in its popularity and permanence in the American consciousness, it would have to be Snoop Dogg. Granted, he does employ a second “g” in the spelling of his name, but it’s all the same fam, fam. 

So if you were looking for a celebrity endorsement for your new signature “Grilled Dogs,” made with 100 percent beef, where else would you turn but to the Doggfather? That was BK’s thinking when they devised an ingenious Grilled Dogs training video, which we have already covered here on Complex. This is some next level cultural convergence, and a definite cause to celebrate. Check out the video and then get to BK to try the incomparable Grilled Dogs today.