Black History Month is an annual staple of American life. Every February, we take time to focus on the many storied accomplishments of a long list of prominent and influential African-Americans, learning how their contributions improved the lives of not just black Americans, but all Americans. 

But as African-American culture continues to grow and deepen, it’s no longer just about looking back on those iconic people and achievements, it’s about looking forward as well. While it helps to take inspiration from the pioneers who have paved the way, it is also crucial for African-Americans of today to be able to utilize similar tactics and resources in order to create their own black history.

For the past eight years, that’s precisely what AT&T’s 28 Days program has sought to do. Combining a historical and informative series of portraits and interviews with the support of AT&T partners providing resources, training, and awareness, AT&T 28 Days aims to foster and promote positive social change.

To learn more about AT&T’s 28 Days campaign, be sure to visit Black history truly is American history. Now you have the chance to not only learn about it, but become part of it.