Fallen Superman Nicolas Cage is reuniting with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance director Brian Taylor (Crank) for a movie that should've been thought up ages ago. Cage who can play crazy like no other (See most popular example: Face/Off) will star in an upcoming film described as a horror-thriller titled Mom and Dad

According to The Wrap, "Mom and Dad follows a teenage girl and her little brother who must survive a wild 24 hours, during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids." Surprisingly it's not a hysteria rooted in countless sleepless nights and years of pent up anger from raising a small human you created. 

Cage is no stranger to playing a parent. He was a terrible dad in The Weather Man and most recently portrayed a dad whose son was abducted in Pay the Ghost.   

"This is the kind of role Nic was put here to play," said Taylor. "Human, funny, scary—somehow grounded while at the same time completely off the rails. For a filmmaker, there is nothing quite like the experience of Nic Cage bringing a character you’ve written to life."

Mom and Dad looks like it'll be a welcome addition to the Cage cannon which Cage hopes will soon involve working Quentin Tarantino. But as he may or may not know Tarantino only plans on doing two more movies before he retires so he's got a small window left. The two would definitely bond over their love of Luke Cage (Nicolas took his stage name after the Marvel character and Tarantino recently revealed he once planned a Luke Cage movie.)