Michael B. Jordan, who slayed critics with his performance as Adonis in last year’s Creed, is now set to capitalize on that success with a remake of the heist classic The Thomas Crown Affair. First unveiled in 1968 with star Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, the film was remade in 1999 with former James Bond embodier Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo to the tune of nearly 70 million box office dollars and some bragworthy critical praise.

The remake will see Jordan reuniting with MGM, according to the Hollywood Reporter, though no writer or director is currently attached to the project. Studio heads are reportedly "very happy with how things turned out with Creed" and are thus pursuing The Thomas Crown Affair with gusto, with sources telling THR they are "intent" on putting together a vehicle for the increasingly in-demand star.

Of course, the excitement surrounding Michael B. Jordan's next move also extends to the encouraging possibility of a Creed sequel. As previously reported, the actor is very much down for another walk in Adonis' shoes. "A character so rich as this, and the world he's in, I want to see what happens to him next and what he does," Jordan told the Associated Press last year, adding that he has confidence that "success and time and circumstances" will align to make it happen.

In December, the Fruitvale Station star was confirmed to be co-penning an action spy comic for Dark Horse. North, a collaboration with Nathan Edmondson (The Punisher), will reportedly focus on a top secret paramilitary program that's aimed at crafting an unstoppable super spy.