Martin Scorsese is a god. Robert De Niro is a god. These are just facts and we can't do anything about them. We can, however, give a rest to our years spent toiling over whether or not Scorsese can land a good De Niro impression by acting out a classic Goodfellas scene.

"It gets to the point where, you know, we don't see each other for a few months," Scorsese told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's Tonight Show about his general BFFness with De Niro. "But then, when we see each other, it's 'Yeah. Right.'" Though he then claims he doesn't really "do impressions of Bob," Scorsese does reveal that he thinks the two gods have more or less "melted into each other," which honestly sounds great.

Dream scenario: Goodfellas 2, directed by Robert De Niro and starring Martin Scorsese.

Make it happen, universe.