Is selling fried chicken in a white suit an extremely stressful job that forces people into early retirement, or is KFC just really indecisive. Maybe it's part of a plan for every comedian in Hollywood to eventually take a turn at playing Colonel Sanders.

We may never know, but we do know that the fast-food chicken slingers have once again replaced the actor playing their founder/mascot. This time it's Jim Gaffigan donning the western tie and white 'stache to play the world's most-famous chicken chef. 

It makes sense. The guy has written whole books about his bad eating habits.

He takes over for Norm Macdonald, who mysteriously took over for Darrell Hammond last year, only a few months after KFC brought back the Colonel (who was an actual, human person who died in 1980, by the way) to use in commercials.

KFC, if  you'll give us a Louie C.K. colonel next, I promise to eat one of these monstrosities.