A mother-of-two from Sydney's western suburbs has been caught tagging a skate park, in an attempt to raise awareness around head injuries. 

After the tragic death of Michael Hannon, a 14-year-old Rosemeadow boy who was hit by a car while riding a scooter, 45 year-old Sonia Grima was inspired to prevent any further head injuries. Flanked by a chorus of kids on scooters, the fearless mum tagged #helmetsarecool across a quarter pipe.

The crowd surrounded the mum, filming and taunting her, but Grima was unphased. When one boy aggressively told her “Don’t tag the fucking skate park,” the Cherrybrook mother g-checked the kids with a staunch reply;  “Fuck off you fucking idiots, put your fucking helmets on before you get brain dead.”

Mrs Grima claimed via a personal Facebook police arrived shortly after and were on her side.

“Cops came out after they called them and basically told me it was good intentions and just to ignore the bogans.”

Despite offering to clean off the graff, Mrs Grima will reportedly face court for vandalism.