Did you know that Kanye West is a cinephile? Seriously, his love for film goes deep, and he's always had a knack for packing movie references into his lyrics, unabashedly admitting he's seen everything from Shrek to The Devil Wears Prada. And he doesn't spare expenses when it comes to cinema either—the dude will drop $500 per movie to get new releases screened at his home theater or rent out theaters for special occasions (last year he surprised Kim with a Steve Jobs screening on her birthday, which is kind of weird but I guess also sweet and Kim apparently loved it so who am I to say). He and the wifey—whose relationship he compares to Romeo and Julietinitially bonded over Star Wars (that's so nerdy-cute), they see a lot of movies together, and they reportedly even want to make a movie together soon (that'll surely happen any day now).​

Kanye's enthusiasm for the cinema isn't casual, and his taste covers a wide range of genres and eras. Outside of his heavy film-referencing rhymes and his weirdly strong allegiance to Will Ferrell films (he's sampled Blades of Glory and has starred in Anchorman 2), Kanye has often mentioned his favorite movies via tweets and interviews, each name-check revealing a little more about the endlessly fascinating rap deity. Surely there are probably a few more references made in his upcoming album, Swish turned Waves turned T.L.O.P., but here we try to figure out a little more about who Kanye is based on the all-time favorite movies he's already copped to.