What may look like just another rock band movie at first goes extremely, terribly wrong in Green Room—not just one of our most anticipated films of the year, but a highly-buzzed festival favorite—from A24 Films, one of the best and most trusted distributors in the indie film game. Above is the first full theatrical trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller hybrid, which follows a punk band that books the wrong gig at the wrong venue (one casually run by a gang of neo-Nazis, led by the phenomenal Patrick Stewart) and accidentally becomes prey when they witness a murder. Trapped in the green room, they're forced to fight back, and you know what that means: Shit gets bloody AF. (Warning: There are some squirm-worthy moments in the trailer.) 

Along with neo-Nazi leader Patrick Stewart, Alia Shawkat and Anton Yelchin star as members of the punk band (the latter plays one of those annoying purist rock dudes who are like "We're not on social media 'cause music is shared live, man"), and Imogen Poots as a bystander who gets trapped in the room with them. Jeremy Saulnier wrote and directed, which should be a point of excitement for those who caught his unassuming yet shockingly impressive 2014 thriller, Blue RuinMacon Blair, the star of the last film, is also in Green Room playing one of the white supremacists. 

Green Room gets limited release on April 15 and then wide on April 29.