Late last year Otaku Gang released a dope-AF mixtape that blended the sharp, witty lyricism of the Notorious B.I.G. with John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra’s iconic soundtrack from the original Star Wars trilogy. This year they’ve up the ante by curating a 15-track mixtape that brings together Eminem and Street Fighter, cleverly dubbed Marshall vs. Capcom.

The mixtape, which is available to download for free, takes the best tracks from Marshall Mathers extensive discography and puts it over the soundtrack of the genre-defining Street Fighter series. Whilst it may lack the gravitas of Otaku Gang’s last mixtape, Life After Death Star, it’s still a match made in heaven. Em’s brutally unapologetic lyrics and insane flow fits in well with the hyper-tense pace of the Street Fighter background music, you can listen to the mixtape below and judge for yourself.

Otaku Gang – marshall vs. Capcom

The Marshall vs. Capcom mixtape is very timely as yesterday Street Fighter V was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. You can download the mixtape by clicking here.

For further proof that hip-hop and Street Fighter go together like two turntables and a microphone, click on this post of Lupe Fiasco beating the world’s best Street Fighter player – dubiously, according to some experts.