Almost 15 years after Training Day hit the big screen CBS is moving forward with plans for a TV series based on the film. Last August we reported CBS had gotten the rights to the series after a reported bidding war, which should surprise no one who's watched the Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke led buddy cop film. Washington, long before becoming a living meme (Hey "Uncle Denzel"), won a Best Lead Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of a LAPD detective. The Training Day TV series has just been ordered a pilot.

The pilot will be directed by Antoine Fuqua who directed Training Day and who will be executive producing the series. The series is set to begin 15 years after the 24-hours span of events of the film. Training Day saw Hawke as a new narcotics officer being shown the ropes (to say the least) by Washington's not crooked but not law abiding veteran detective whereas the series will see a black rookie officer and a white veteran detective. 

With Fuqua attached the bar is set for Training Day, already looking better than the Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta starring Shades of Blue over on NBC.