Finally, a voice of the people takes a stand against all this footballery by bravely championing all those people who couldn't possibly care any less about bowls that are super. Brie Larson, in a slam-dunk appearance on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, awesomely admitted she had no clue as to who won Sunday's ordeal.

"I ate chips," Larson reveals to apparent Super Bowl viewer Jimmy Kimmel. "So I feel like I did watch the Super Bowl." To prove her dedication to the cause, Larson then proceeds to guess which team landed a victory before Kimmel finally admits that it "doesn't matter."

After a whirlwind year that included widely praised roles in The Big Short and the definitely great Room, Larson's next move is now quite clear indeed: Young Brie for President 2020. Also, who actually did win the Super Bowl? I honestly don't know and refuse to Google it.