AMC's other massively successful series, The Walking Dead, may be absorbing all the hype and shine ahead of its timely Valentine's Day midseason premiere, but Better Call Saul's sophomore season is what we should really be writing and/or talking about. However, with a seemingly endless amount of top-shelf television available at our disposal, falling tragically and embarrassingly behind on new episodes is (admittedly) pretty damn easy to do.

Bob Odenkirk, while gracing Jimmy Fallon's couch with his legendary aura on Thursday, decided to reach out directly to all those procrastinators who may not have finished the first season of Better Call Saul with a truly generous offer: a 60-second catch-up lesson from Slippin' Jimmy himself. "I can catch you up right now," Odenkirk insisted. "Spoiler alert, but you give me one minute." After that confident announcement, Odenkirk miraculously condensed the atmospheric nuance of Better Call Saul's amazing first season into 60 overwhelming seconds.

If that's not enough to make you Team Saul, peep AMC's decidedly longer behind-the-scenes look at Better Call Saul's second season ahead of its premiere on Feb. 15:

Amazingly, we made it through that post without even once mentioning the fact that we're all still mourning the end of Breaking Bad.