Bernie Sanders, also known as Larry David, has more than Tinder users backing him. In the wake of yet another Democratic debate, Real Time host Bill Maher made a compelling argument that Sanders might actually manage to get elected because 2016 is "the year there are no rules." 

In Maher's view, Sanders' persistence and almost-victory in Iowa has earned him at least the right to be taken seriously. "He has proved that the rules are out the window," Maher said. "Doesn't he deserve the people saying, 'oh I like Bernie, but he can't be elected' to shut up?" 

One of those people appears to have been a member of Maher's panel: MSNBC host and reporter Alex Wagner argued that Congress would never pass any legislation Sanders proposed. What's more, she said, "on foreign policy, do you think he's at the level we need him to be?" To which Maher replied, "Fuck yeah." 

He went on, "it seems like Bernie is putting on the table something we’ve never seen before. Yes you’ll pay some more taxes, but look what you get: You get free healthcare. You get free college. We have never had someone do this. Is Bernie probably going to get his head handed to him in Indiana and the south? Yes. But maybe not." And he's right—if there's hope for Trump, there's hope for anyone.