TV Show: Breaking Bad
Why They Don’t Work: Walter's Meth Empire 

If we’re keeping it funky, not too many people dug Skyler and the way she acted towards Walter White in Breaking Bad, primarily because they forget what she was being forced to do. It’s hard as hell for people who are more on the morally “right” side to sit by as their cancer-ridden husband is becoming a literal meth kingpin. Skyler was caught out there—she’d found out that her husband had a very real countdown on his life, and in an effort to take care of his wife and kids in his impending absence, started making and selling drugs. It turned into a web of lies, one that would cause enormous bouts of conflict between Walt and Skyler, ultimately driving them apart…for the good of their kids.

It’s hard to side all the way with one or the other. Yeah, Walt was slinging dope in those streets and had a lot of blood on his hands, but his wife was also out there smoking during her pregnancy and carrying on with Ted Beneke. And if we’re being completely honest, it’s not like Skyler didn’t have a knack for making up some jacked up tales about Walter’s money and where it came from. Together they were toxic af, and Breaking Bad highlighted that sometimes, you need to just make a clean break, no matter how much love is there. —khal

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