Airbnb listings just keep getting more creative. There was the listing to stay at Conan O'Brien's studio and the "Netflix and Chill" Airbnb which made the meme (some would argue unnecessarily) come to life. Get ready fans of American Horror Story—or fans of huge mansions—the affectionately known murder house from AHS season one is available to rent. 

Tempting the fates by staying in a sketchy, haunted, murder-y house has been the plot to endless scary movies such as Halloween: Resurrection, with Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes, House on Haunted Hill, Casper. Just joking about that last one. And although no actual murders may have happened at the so-called Murder House (that you know of) it'd still be too creepy for me to spend the night in. But if you are undeterred and relish the opportunity to maybe even recreate some American Horror Story scenes read on. 

The Airbnb listing is for the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion located in Los Angeles, Calif. reports the A.V. Club. An official landmark the mansion boasts room for 16 people with 4.5 bathrooms and a total 9 bedrooms. It'll only cost you your life $1450 a night. 

It doesn't look nearly as ominous in real life, as you'll see. You can check out the listing here.