From film to news and everything in between, there’s no denying that the media we consume is overwhelmingly white and male. Even when minorities aren’t being overlooked in lieu of mediocre white acts (ahem, Macklemore)—as we’ve seen with #OscarsSoWhite—creators of color are frequently dismissed or called racists when they do challenge their exclusion and erasure in mainstream culture.

The folks behind "All Black Everything No White Anything," who originally started their blog as a joke in January, are hoping to challenge this problem. Their goal? To only consume works produced by and featuring people of color for an entire year. Whether it’s listening to Chescaleigh's latest rant or watching films for their “Friday Movie Roundup,” Ariel Roland-Waring, Brittany Levers, and Nico Montano are committed to “de-centering whiteness” to better understand how they see themselves and the world.

NTRSCTN interviewed the trio to see how they plan on completing this ambitious challenge. 

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