Remember back in the day before online games, where you had to cough up for a multitap to have more that two players at once? And even then you could only have four players max (or eight if you were playing Micro Machines).

Mario Kart has become one of the greatest multiplayer franchises of all time, but the original Super Mario Kart on the SNES only allowed for two players at once. Now Youtube gamehacker Hat-Loving Gamer has hacked into the original code and made it so that 101 different racers can be on the track at once. To be honest, we’re not completely sure if this is a playable hack or just a simulation, but whatever, it’s still cool AF. Best of all though is that the original game only had eight characters — so to bulk out the pack he’s added in a host of gaming all-stars. We spotted Crash Bandicoot, Sypro, Sonic, Tails, Parapa The Rapper, Bomberman, Pacman, Ash from Pokemon, Goku from DBZ and even a Tetris block in there.

You’ve also got to love the fact that despite the fact he’s got a hundred opponents to beat, player one still stalls on the starting line.

[via AV Club]