The Arcade Hotel, which is billed as the world’s first hotel dedicated to gamers, has finally opened up it’s doors in Amsterdam.

Combining typical mid-century design with all the necessary consoles and games that would turn up in a nerd’s wet dream, this unique concept is definitely the first of its kind in the hotel services industry, which begs the question: “What took you guys so long?”. The Arcade Hotel houses 36 rooms all fitted with vintage gaming consoles which comes with a unique games rental system and vintage furniture. Additionally you can obtain handheld consoles (e.g. Gameboy, Game Gear) from the hotel reception and if you’re feeling extra cocky you can take your skills to the lobby and battle other guests.

Should you need to step away from all the retro gaming the hotel also encourages patrons to experience their comic book library along with a sumptuous breakfast, bar and complimentary bikes – which as we all know is THE only way to travel around Amsterdam. The genius folks at the Arcade Hotel describe the place as:

“Thelonious Monk meets the Eames couple meets Marty McFly and they all have a drink with Captain Sparrow. Gaming, mid-century design and a lot of heart & soul under one roof.”

Let’s be real for a second, we all known why we go to ‘Dam. The partnership of video games and comic books with legal cannabis is a match made in heaven and a deadly combination, so to echo the sentiments of Corporal Hicks in Aliens ‘stay frosty’ out there.

Check out the gallery below of the world's first ever gaming hotel.