From here on out, we will call you "Tricia," or something. This Valentine's Day the Bronx Zoo is giving you the chance to make the greatest kind of declaration of love—naming a cockroach after your significant other

For just $10 you can pay the Zoo to name a Madagascar hissing roach after the person you love. They will then send you a digital certificate of the roach so you can put it on your nightstand table. If you want to make an ever bigger gesture, the Zoo will send you a box of chocolates along with the roach photo for $25, a real bargain when you think about it. By it, I mean love.  

As cute and gross as this project may be, the Bronx Zoo isn't the only place with such an idea. The San Francisco Zoo, however, took it one step further. According to the Huffington Post, they have a deal where you can also name a scorpion, but instead of naming one of these critters after bae, they suggest you name it after an ex-lover. It's perhaps a far more appropriate gesture to name something venomous after someone venomous. 

Anyway, this is the sixth year in a row the Bronx Zoo has done this cockroach-naming project. So this holiday take the opportunity to show the person you love how much you really care. 

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