Twitter is moving forward with plans to streamline its operations, as Jack Dorsey confirmed the departure of four top executives on Sunday evening. "I'm personally grateful to each of them for everything they've contributed to Twitter and our purpose in the world," Dorsey said in a tweeted statement. "They are phenomenal people!"

The exit of Skip Schipper (VP of human resources), Kevin Weil (senior VP of product), Katie Stanton (VP of social media), and Alex Roetter (senior VP of engineering) means that current COO Adam Bain and current CTO Adam Messinger will be temporarily taking on additional responsibilities, the Associated Press reports. "Adam Messinger has been on my staff team for over four years and has led large teams both here and elsewhere," Dorsey said. "He has a very strong sense of how to bring our development together so we can continue to ship faster and produce stronger work that people will love to use."

Back in October, Dorsey returned to his spot as CEO of Twitter after spending several years as chairman of the board. In the months since his return, the company has unveiled a variety of new features while simultaneously trimming and shuffling its workforce. Of course, all of these new features will be totally fine with everyone as long as the rumored abandonment of the 140-character tweet limit is swiftly avoided altogether.