The final breaths of 2015 were practically overflowing with headline-rupturing happenings seemingly tailor-made for the astute derision of Trevor Noah and the rest of the increasingly stacked Daily Show crew. Sadly, the team was taking it quite easy over the holidays and missed those in-the-moment quip opportunities in favor of family and friends and food and whatever else people were doing for two entire weeks.

To properly celebrate their first 2016 broadcast, The Daily Show attempted to tackle the most pressing of these headline smashers in just under five minutes for a self-described "holiday roundup." As expected, Trevor and company swiftly succeed by filtering recent Bill Cosby developments and Steve Harvey faux pas through the Daily Show truth machine and delivering his usual bite.

Bonus: the so-called "affluenza teen adult" also gets the poetic treatment other news outlets have so unanimously denied him.

Thanks for the beginning-of-the-year inspiration, Trevor.