Entertainment executives are here to remind you nothing is sacred when it comes to unnecessarily giving movies sequels, rebooting movies, and then, if you're a certain web-slinging superhero, rebooting the reboots. Ugh. Today's doomed idea in reboots is brought to you by FOX which is rebooting The Exorcist, a classic. No need to tether it down to a "horror classic" given the way its penetrated culture. 

Released in 1973 The Exorcist film followed two priests exorcising a 12-year-old girl. It was based on William Peter Blatty's 1971 book inspired by true events in 1949. FOX has not only decided on the one-hour series remake of The Exorcist it has ordered a pilot episode for it. For the TV series remake it will focus on two men  "tackling one family's case of horrifying demonic possession," as The Wrap writes. This effectively turns the series into practically every horror film these days where people are investigating ghosts, demons, you name it, instead of leaving the haunted house, or whatever. 

Well, everyone has to make money, right? Selling your soul might not be the worst thing.

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