On January 14th, members of the Academy woke up bright and early to announce their Oscar nominees from 2015. While most of this year's nominees were pretty expected, from Brie Larson in Room to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, that doesn't mean there weren't some major people and films left out. Jacob Tremblay was cheated. Carol was cheated a Best Picture nomination. Bel Powley and the screenplay for Diary of a Teenage Girl were completely ignored. There's also Creed. 

Sure, it was certainly a jam-packed year, especially for women, but it's revolting that this this year's acting race forgot so many powerful performances. Not to mention, that not one person of color was nominated in an acting category, a huge step backwards from last year. Anyway, to honor those who should have been acknowledged by the Academy, we've put together a list of our favorite performers (and one major director) who were snubbed this year.