"More snow penises for the people!"

That was the quote from one delighted Swede who commented on a local news story announcing the creation of a bigger, better "snow penis" in Gothenburg, Sweden this week.

Local park police were really annoyed when a giant penis was drawn on the thin ice of a lake there recently, The Independent reports. Officials had some trouble removing the big, snowy dong because the ice was so thin, but eventually they used a brush with a really long handle (genius) to scrub the majestic snow penis away. 

People were not happy. More than 3,000 of them joined together on Facebook to complain about the snow penis' removal. One of the guys behind the penis' removal saw the people's reaction and responded in the best way possible.

"For this I want to apologize. To recreate the snow penis in Vallgraven [another area of Gothenburg] is risky but we are thinking about you and at this moment I am trying to figure out the best way to recreate a big and lovely snow penis in the memory of the old one," he wrote.

The man kept his promise and he and his team went to an empty field with snow blowers to create a snow penis so big, it can only be seen properly from the air. 

"Moved to tears," wrote one commenter upon seeing the creation.

The United States truly could learn something from these Scandinavian countries.