The co-founder of a pro-gun, anti-Obama movement that was planning a "March to Restore America" caravan across the U.S. to Washington, D.C. was shot dead on Monday, according to reports

The man who members of their circle are saying shot Charles Carter was the other co-founder of the movement, the pro-gun, anti-Obama, right-wing conservative Vincent Smith.

The most ironic part of all: The shooting came while they were allegedly having a drunken fight over a gun. 

The local media didn't identify the shooter or the man killed in Grayson County, Texas, but multiple sources have identified the men on Facebook

"Dear friends it's my dearest regrets to have to share this heart breaking new with you tonight. That OUR fellow patriot and brother Charles Carter is no longer with us . He gone to be with Jesus. Today killed by a fellow patriot Vincent Smith. Who was suppose to be his brother in arms and friend," wrote one man, who identified himself as Carter's next of kin. 

According to accounts from other members of the group posted to Facebook, Carter snatched a handgun out of Smith's holster, which pushed Smith to pull his backup gun and shoot Carter in the head.

"It was self defense Charles was PM ing me minutes before he attacked Vincent. Charles pulled Vincent gun from Vincent holster and pointed at Vincent. He was drunk and Vincent shot Charles with a spare gun that he was caring. Vincent called me minutes after the Marshal left. The Marshall ruled it self defense," wrote Bill Williamson. 

Also ironic: Carter had just shared a video urging conservatives to stop fighting with each other.


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