Creating a foolproof "Netflix and Chill" guide may have taken care of one half of your Netflix and Chill situation, but what about the "Chill?" Good samaritans are facilitating your need to "Chill" by creating the perfect space for you to not-watch-movies with a specially designed Netflix and Chill Airbnb. 

An Airbnb dedicated specifically to "Netflix and Chill" might be too much pressure to perform (There's no beating around the bush here), but if y'all desperately need to rent an Airbnb just to get laid because y'all both got unwanted roommates then shoot your shot. Might as well call it the "Smush Room" from Jersey Shore's Season 2 (Never forget J Woww and Snooki disinfecting the room). 

The Airbnb apartment, which offers the essentials: a room, a computer, and Netflix access, was listed Wednesday. The room runs up a $400 bill per night. This is way too expensive for all of us struggling, out here sharing Netflix accounts with friends, but if you have the money, here's what the Airbnb listing has to offer. Besides decking out the room with an official Netflix bedspread and pillowcases it features "an HD projector with an AppleTV," "a fully stacked mini-bar," and rooftop access with a view of Manhattan. The Airbnb is in New York City's West Village. 

"[Our overall goal] is to make a project that makes a mark and gets seen, and it seems to be going pretty well so far," Tom Galle, one of the three people that came up with the idea, told Mashable. "The money is secondary, it's mostly to keep it going and offer a quality experience...We'll see how it goes."