Do you actively use, for reasons not entirely clear, Internet Explorer? Specifically, are you a big fan of IE 8, 9, and 10? If so, you might first want to check your computer (the size of a bedroom?) for smoke. Also, even Microsoft thinks your setup is embarrassing now and has made that embarrassment official with an entirely expected but still industry-shattering move.

Microsoft will no longer support those ancient forms of Internet Explorer with much-needed security updates or technical assistance, Mashable reports. Of course, as this is a free society, you're most certainly allowed to keep using IE 8 through 10 if that's just what you're into or whatever. The move was set into motion on Tuesday, with Microsoft officials now asking as politely as possible for these Internet Explorer purists to please transition to using IE 11 or, best case scenario, Microsoft Edge.

Though Microsoft did offer a fair warning to impacted IE enthusiasts as recently as last year, the news will likely come as a huge shock to the entirety of the world's grandparents population.

Stay strong, grandparents.