A man who allegedly traveled from his home state of North Dakota to Washington D.C. in an apparent effort to kidnap President Barack Obama's dog was arrested at a nearby Hampton Inn this week, NBC News reports. Scott Stockert told authorities he kept a shotgun and rifle in his truck, in addition to ammunition for both weapons. Authorities also discovered a machete and a billy club, though Stockert's exact plan or reasoning for abducting Bo, a Portuguese water dog, were not revealed.

During the arrest, Stockert repeatedly told authorities his name was "Jesus Christ" and that he was the son of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. The "apparently mentally disturbed" man also mentioned starting up a presidential campaign of his own, including plans for a "$99 per month healthcare plan."

After being formally charged with "illegally carrying a rifle or shotgun outside a home or business," NBC Washington reports that Stockert has been ordered not to return to the White House and all related areas. The Obamas' other Portuguese water dog, Sunny, is not believed to have been targeted in this incident.