A New York City man's plans to flee the country and escape a deadly DUI charge were foiled when authorities got a hold of his Google search history. 

Sean Ludwick is a New York City real estate developer "facing vehicular homicide charges" reports Gawker after being accused of crashing his car in 2013 and leaving his friend to die. He was out on bail after an arraignment on Jan. 4 27east.com reports. During this time Ludwick had taken the time to do some research on his case, according to Chief of the Vehicular Crimes Bureau John Scott Prudenti. Prudenti showed a list of Ludwick's searches at a bail hearing Tuesday after Ludwick's arrest last week. The searches included, "10 secrets to being a good liar"; "Does Venezuela extradite to the U.S.?"; "Why do fugitives get caught." It doesn't look like he read that last one thoroughly. 

Ludwick had planned on buying a boat to flee to Venezuela presumably, wiring $380,000 to Puerto for a 50-foot sailboat reports 27east.com. Southampton Town Police arrested Ludwick just days before he was set to fly out said Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota. Ludwick's trail for authorities also included him coming in contact with an FBI agent, unbeknownst to him, when he searched for a sailing teacher.

State Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho sent Ludwick to jail without a possibility of bail on Tuesday. He faces up to 32 years in prison.