If you haven't heard of Making a Murderer, Netflix's controversial documentary series about Steven Avery, a man wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and released only to be hauled back to prison on a murder charge, you're most likely living under a rock. The ten-episode series has sparked national attention, including wild conspiracy theories, a White House petition to pardon Avery, and comments from the directors and defense attorneys involved in the case. But after months of allowing others to speak for him, Avey himself is finally speaking out. Although he's currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, he penned a three-page letter to a local Wisconsin station proclaiming his innocence.

"The real killer is still out there," Avery wrote, according to The Wrap. "Who is he stalking now? I am really innocent of this case and that is the truth!!! The truth will set me free!!!!!!!" 

Avery also took the opportunity to speak out against his ex-fiancée Jodi Stachowski, who earlier this week said she believed him to be guilty. She told TMZ​ Avery has a "history of using fear as a weapon" and that he once "tied her to a bedpost with rope" in a manner similar to that in which he allegedly tied his victim, Teresa Halbach. "How much money Jodi get to talk bad! The state $," Avery wrote, evidently accusing her of accepting a bribe.

The show's directors have said they believe the state of Wisconsin failed to meet its burden of proof in Avery's case, but Avery's defense attorneys have said that they doubt his innocence. The tangled mess of a case is set to get a second look in a follow-up story from Investigation Discovery later this month.