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Stachowski revealed her extensive verbal and physical abuse from Steven Avery even when he was behind bars. Satchowski said Avery once told her, "All b****** owe him" because of a wrongful conviction which cost him 18 years in prison. She also revealed that Avery coached on how to act on-camera for Making a Murder. Avery allegedly threatened her, with physical violence she presumed, to say "good" and "nice" things about him. Satchowski says she asked Making a Murderer documentary makers to remove her from the documentary, but as viewers saw, this wasn't done. There's no doubt in Stachowski's mind that Avery murdered Halbach saying, "Yes, I do. Because he threatened to kill me and my family and a friend of mine." Stachowski at one point said she felt guilty because she felt Halbach would be alive today if she had been the one at Avery's house that day.

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Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery has just appealed for his life term conviction in the murder of Teresa Halbach citing reasons including a juror who thought Avery was guilty unfairly influencing jurors. Although the Netflix docu-series and one juror in Avery's trial seem to think he's innocent Avery's ex-fiancée thinks otherwise despite previously defending him. In a new interview she calls him a "monster."

Jodi Stachowski was Avery's ex-fiancée, being in a relationship with him for two years. Fans of Making a Murderer are familiar with Stachowski as she appeared in it standing by Avery. However, Stachowski reveals in an exclusive interview with HLN's Nancy Grace producer that she's finally going to tell the truth. When asked what she wants people to know Stachowski says in a preview of the interview, "What a monster he is. He is not innocent." 

The interview clip also shows Stachowski saying she didn't love Avery. In fact she almost killed herself just to escape him. "I ate two boxes of rat poison just so I could go the hospital," she said. "And get away from him, and ask them to get the police to help me."

According to Nancy Grace producer Natisha Lance, Stachowski described Making a Murderer as "a bunch of lies."

Stachowski's interview airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET.