The massive (and clearly continuing) success of Netflix's true crime docuseries Making a Murderer has been a bit of a surprise to everyone, even Netflix. "Honestly, this has been a whirlwind since the show went live in a way that the filmmakers didn't anticipate and in a way that we didn't anticipate," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, tells the Hollywood Reporter. "They've been in that bubble of talking to the press, more so than we've been talking to each other even."

As with any series, documentary or otherwise, the ongoing media frenzy surrounding the harrowing story of Steven Avery has quickly turned to prospects of a sequel. Though other networks have happily jumped at the opportunity to join the Making a Murderer arms race, Netflix and the series' creators have remained relatively vague regarding any chance of a follow-up. That vagueness subsided, however, during a recent Television Critics Association event.

"This story is ongoing, these cases are open," co-director Moira Demos told reporters. "If there are significant developments, we will be there." In fact, Demos and fellow director Laura Ricciardi have already interviewed Avery since Making a Murderer debuted in December. According to Ricciardi, those conversations have been recorded with "an eye toward including them in any episodes, should there be any future episodes."

Speaking in response to that apparent hint of a second round of Making a Murderer finally becoming as imminent as everyone probably already assumed, Sarandos leaves the door open without making any promises. "It really depends on what happens in the next couple months," Sarandos says. "I think there's been such pressure to look at this case in a different way." Adding that there's currently "no idea for a second season," Sarandos was also quick to defend the work of Demos and Ricciardi in the face of recent criticism.

"They shot 700 hours of footage and they tell a really compelling case in 11 hours," Sarandos argues. "You can decide for yourself: does it prosecute the case or not? I think everyone who has been trying to poke holes in it has failed to poke many holes in it. But the beauty of it is, just watch it and make your own choice."

Of course, that is indeed what many people have done.