Making a Murderer, the blockbuster Netflix series following the ongoing battle between Manitowoc County and Steven Avery, has continued its headlines dominance this week with an official White House response to that petition calling for Avery's pardon and a fresh batch of potentially troubling details surrounding the trial heard around the world.

For the latest revelation, we turn to OnMilwaukee's recent report stating that one of the jurors in Avery's murder trial actively served as a volunteer for the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department during proceedings. If that sounds a bit strange, there's even more: the volunteer's son also worked for the department.

Earlier this week, Sheriff Robert Hermann confirmed to OnMilwaukee that Carl Wardman served as "an official and very active volunteer" for the department during Avery's murder trial. Obtained court transcripts and Hermann also confirmed that Wardman's son, Chris Wardman, ultimately served as "a sergeant for the department" while his father retained his status as a "regular voting juror."

Carl Wardman even had his own squad car, emblazoned with the clarification 'volunteer' on the side, but was somehow able to stay on the jury:

According to the court transcripts of the jury selection process, Wardman disclosed his volunteer work and son's employment, but neither the state nor the defense made a motion to strike him. He was quite open about his ongoing Sheriff's Department ties, saying at one point that he wasn't sure he wanted to be a juror because, "I like what I do for the Sheriff's Department. I hate to miss it."

Another juror previously came forward to reveal they believed Avery had been framed, hinting that votes were "traded" in the jury room. They argue that Avery deserves a new trial, far away from Wisconsin.