The jury's still out on the case subject of Netflix's Making a Murder. The documentary series focuses on Wisconsin's Steve Avery, a man wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years over the sexual assault of a woman only to be found innocent in 2003 when he was freed. Then in 2005 Avery was arrested and charged—along with his nephew Brendan Dassey—for the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach. He is currently serving a life sentence. As the complicated case grows more complicated by the day (Was Avery framed? Did Avery's brothers actually do it?) video of Dassey's confession to police in which he admits to Halbach’s murder has been released. 

The March 2006 confession has been one of the major grey areas of Making a Murderer as people question if it's true or if it was the result of Dassey being manipulated by officials—the latter being what Dassey alleged when he retracted the confession. People reports a 16-year-old Dassey told case investigators Tom Fassbender and Mark Wiegert during the four-hour solo confession that he and his uncle, Avery, "shot her [Halbach] in the head and burned her body at a bonfire" on Oct. 31, 2005. 

Around the one-hour mark in the third part of the confession Dassey is seen talking to his mother Barb Janda and says he didn't do anything. "They got in my head," Dassey is heard saying as he clutches his head. 

Watch the confession starting with part one above.