When Louis C.K. said there wouldn't be a new season of Louie​, our hearts fell. "I just leave it open in my head," he said, referring to whether or not he'd be writing a sixth season after the fifth left viewers hanging. And although network officials still don't have a commitment from C.K. in regards to future seasons of his self-titled show, he hasn't left us with nothing. This morning he pulled a Beyoncé when he released the first episode of a show called Horace and Pete on his website.

"We hope you like it," he wrote, referring to himself and his co-star, Steve Buscemi, who plays Pete. According to the Verge, the show seems to center around an Irish bar called—you guessed it—Horace and Pete's. Alan Alda, Nick DiPaolo, Aidy Bryant, Edie Falco, Kurt Metzger, and Steven Wright all make guest appearances on the show, which appears to have been filmed recently, at least if the Donald Trump jokes are any indication.

C.K. is a busy man these days; he's also working on the first season of Baskets as well as an as-yet-unnamed animated pilot for FX. Nevertheless, we're glad he took the chance to drop some new material in the wake of Louie, which audiences will collectively mourn until it reappears.