For a second there, Lindsay Lohan wanted the world to know that she was finished with her mother, Dina Lohan. The Mean Girls actress posted an Instagram picture of  a cartoon figure tossing their phone to the ground with the words "We’re Done" in large letters. According to PEOPLE, the caption read, "@dinalohan...Sometimes it sucks when your mom isn't there for you."

That post was quickly deleted but, as Kanye West can certainly attest to, nothing ever disappears from the internet. Fans screencapped the photo and her words continue to live on until she says or does something that will make us forget.

Lindsay and Dina’s relationship can be described as tumultuous at times. In 2012, police were called to their New York residence following an altercation between the two, PEOPLE reports. On the bright side, their dysfunction pales in comparison to her issues with father Michael Lohan, who lost custody of his two young children with estranged wife Kate Major-Lohan back in November.